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Services for Kids & Parents

Parenting Collection and Programs Children don't come with instructions, but that doesn't mean you have to raise your child alone. We have books and videos to help you get through those early days, the tantrums, all the way up to the Birds and the Bees. We support early literacy in pre-readers with special services and programs for them. We also offer programs throughout the year to address common ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I...? Library Locations Basic Services Games & Tech Things to Do Online Website Account What do I need to log into the website? You need your library card number and the email address you gave the Library when you registered. If you have forgotten which email address you gave or library card number, please call us at 203-669-5238. What is my password? The Library's website does not have ...

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Best Books for Babies and Toddlers

The _Best Books for Babies and Toddlers_ is a recommended reading list compiled by the Darien Library Children's Librarians and made possible by the Phil A. Petitt Memorial Fund. Phil Petit was a great storyteller as well as a man of indomitable spirt whose love of life was felt by all who knew him. The collection is dedicated to his grandchildren: * Samantha, Lizzie, and Davy Choos * Aless ...

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