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It's always a good time for a book!
Summer is here and the one constant in life these days is, it's always a perfect time to escape into an entertaining story, when the sun is shining and life feels a little less hectic. We are excited to invite you to join us for another year of Adult Summer Reading.

It's Always a Good Time for a Book!

We challenge you to explore a variety of books while earning the chance to win fun prizes. This year you have the option to participate in the program online or you can pick-up a game card at the Welcome Desk.

For more information check out our Adult Summer Reading FAQs or learn how to register online with our Frequent Asked Questions sheet.

Our Readers' Advisors share their top selections for Summer Reading fun.

How to Play

Ends Friday, August 14th

This year there are two ways to play: Register to play online OR pick up a game card!

Once you have registered online or picked up your game card:

  • Complete any three challenges for an opportunity to win.
  • Log your challenges online or return your game card to the Library between July 6th and August 14th, and you will be entered into three drawings for a $25 gift certificate to Barrett Bookstore.
  • Every completed game card and online entry is a submission for the grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to Barrett Bookstore.


If playing with a game card instead of online, submit your entry by taking a photo of your completed game card and sending it to with the subject heading “Game Card.”


  • Winning game cards will be drawn on July 17th, July 31st, and August 14th.
  • The grand prize drawing will be held on August 14th.

Darien Library is proud to support local businesses. All prizes this year are gift certificates to Barrett Bookstore. The grand prize is a $100 gift certificate to Barrett Bookstore. We will also be awarding three $25 Barrett Bookstore gift certificates throughout the summer.

Our Readers' Advisors share their top selctions for Summer Reading fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to play online?

  • You may continue to pick-up print game cards at the library. We will have these available at the Library starting July 6th. You can also download a PDF of the game card and play.
  • Once you have completed three of the challenges, take a photo of your completed card with your contact information and email it to with the subject heading “Game Card” to enter the raffles.
  • Once you complete a game card, you may print another game card or pick up one from the Library and play again.

Are the challenges the same online as what are on the physical game card I can pick up in the Library?

Yes, while the online experience might feel a bit different, the challenges are exactly the same whether you play online or using the physical card.

How many times can I play?

  • You may play up to twelve times. All game cards are entered into the grand prize raffle.

Can I play both online and by picking up the game cards?

Yes, but to make it fair to all, only twelve game cards will be entered into the grand prize raffle.

When are the raffles and what are the prizes?

Our Adult Summer Reading program will have three raffles for $25 gift certificates to Barrett Bookstore on the following dates:

  • Friday, July 17th 
  • Friday, July 31st
  • Friday, August 14th

The grand prize drawing of $100 gift certificate to Barrett Bookstore will also be drawn on August 14th.

When are the raffles and what are the prizes?

Yes, you can download Beanstack apps for both iOS and Android. The website is also designed to be mobile friendly.

Can I register family members under one account?

Yes, you can register all of your family members through the registration dashboard and easily toggle between members. 

What happens if I forget my password?

Please contact with your first and last name to retrieve your password.

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