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Darien Time Machine 3000

Happy Summer! This year, you'll be able to participate in Darien Library's Summer Reading program by logging your reading online or by using the paper log. All ages can sign up and read together this summer.

The Summer Reading Registration Guide explains how to sign up online to track your reading.

Read to Me Club

Over the summer, use the Read to Me Log to record all the books you read together. For every 10 books you share with a grownup, you will be entered into a Grand Prize special raffle. The Winner will get a family museum membership to a local museum: Maritime Aquarium, Stepping Stones, or the Stamford Museum & Nature Center.

Readers in Grades K to 6

The Grand Prize Winner will get to pick from three "experience" prizes. Details to come!

Darien Time Machine 3000 Reading Challenge

Step One

Each participant in Darien Time Machine 3000 will receive an Timeline sheet that consists of 11 reading challenges and 5 physical challenges. Kids will fill out their Timeline challenges through the Beanstack website or app.

Step Two

Aspiring time travelers can choose to solve a puzzle at each time capsule to help get the lost librarians back to 2020. Participants who complete their Timeline sheet by Monday, August 24th will be entered into a Grand Prize raffle.

Step Three

Participants who complete their Timeline and solve the Darien Time Machine 3000 challenge by August 24th will be entered twice into the Grand Prize Raffle.

Help! We're lost somewhere in time!

This summer, travel through time and return the lost librarians who are lost in the past and bring them back to 2020.

Time travelers who uncover the locations of the lost librarians during Darien Time Machine 3000 will be entered into the Grand Prize Raffle for a second time.

You can help them return safely home by reading, completing challenges, and attending events this summer.

This is our exit!

Summer Booklists

In case you read this...

Do you need help in finding something to read this summer? Our Aspiring time travelers left instructions.

K to 1 Books or PDF

2 to 3 Books or PDF

4 to 5 Books or PDF


Summer Reading events are pre-registered in advance or drop-in programs which all are welcome to attend. Many programs support S.T.E.A.M. education.

View Summer Reading Events

Summer Reading is made possible by the generous support of the Marion Moore Foundation.

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