Grow new and existing partnerships to expand the reach of our core services and strategic priorities.
  • We will establish internal guidelines and formalize our relationships in the community.
  • We will reach underserved groups through proactive partnerships.
  • We will structure staff time and knowledge to support increased outreach.


Connect our patrons discreetly with experts and information to improve our community’s well-being.
  • We will create a compendium of health and wellness resources for staff and patron use.
  • We will build relationships among staff and experts in areas of need.
  • We will provide opportunities for patrons to ask and share sensitive information.


Prepare our staff and building to serve our community in extraordinary circumstances, during disasters, and through rapid change.
  • We will evaluate likely crises and prepare plans for each scenario.
  • We will build staff skills for service in crises and their aftermath.
  • We will change and improve our building and infrastructure for anticipated uses.

These goals will improve our core services. Every day, we:

  • Provide answers, information, and entertainment for all ages;
  • Select materials that are useful and engaging;
  • Create consistent, high-quality programming and educational opportunities;
  • Offer access to essential and experimental technology;
  • Organize our resources and information so that they are easy to find;
  • Maintain a safe, clean, and welcoming space for public use;
  • Engage in active outreach to all corners of the community; and
  • Communicate about our core services clearly and effectively.

These goals and services are supported by our mission statement:

To provide education, entertainment, enrichment, and community building through compassionate service to all.

This mission is supported by our core values:

Community | Innovation | Respect | Discovery | Integrity | Excellence | Leadership

This plan is supported by the Town of Darien, the Friends of the Darien Library, and the State of Connecticut, and is inspired by our patrons.

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