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Where Did Jen Go

At The Top Of The Hour with ..... .....Laura (!) as Jen is experiencing "book crazy" in Chicago at the Annual Book Expo. She is meeting and talking with publishers, authors and other librarians about what will be the best in new books. Can't wait to hear about her travels next week. We welcomed Jimmy..... ......our Darien High School intern for the next five weeks. He is helping out ...

  • Last Updated 5 years ago
  • (9 items)

Help is On The Way

We begin every new year with a resolution to live a better life, so while walking/driving, listen and challenge yourself to do better!

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (12 items)

Achoo: Plague Stories

Books best read with a box of kleenex and a super-sized bottle of Purell nearby.

  • Last Updated 5 years ago
  • (15 items)

Celebrating Our Diversity, Celebrating Our Community

Books for all ages written by and about the trans* and gender nonconforming community.

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (14 items)

Make it a Year of Possibilities

Here are some books we recommend to expand your horizons, get organized, and achieve your goals in 2018!

  • Last Updated 3 years ago
  • (11 items)

Graphic Medicine

Comics can play a helpful role in the study and delivery of healthcare, and Graphic Medicine as a term denotes the intersection of comics and health narratives. Get a glimpse into the lives of people who have been impacted by any number of illnesses and treatments and faced the same questions and concerns you or someone you know might be facing, or have faced previously. Graphic Novels on health a ...

  • Last Updated 1 week ago
  • (79 items)

Mental Health Month

A selection of books for Mental Health Month 2018.

  • Last Updated 3 years ago
  • (10 items)

Summer Self-Care

You can care for yourself this Summer by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmer's markets into your diet, taking a break in nature, exercising, and listening to upbeat music! Here are just a few suggestions to get you started!

  • Last Updated 3 years ago
  • (12 items)

Books for Caregivers

A list of books chosen by us to complement our 2019 Caregiving Initiative.

  • Last Updated 2 years ago
  • (17 items)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out some of these insightful and useful books on the subject. Be sure to take a look at the Wellness Wall on the 2nd floor for more educational information about early detection and treating breast cancer.

  • Last Updated 2 years ago
  • (12 items)

Darien Library's Best of the Decade in Non-Fiction

What a great decade of books! It would be hard for us to decide our favorites so we put together a list of the twenty most popular items checked out over the past ten years. Starting in 2010, below you'll find the two most checked out non-fiction titles by year.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago
  • (20 items)

Celebrate Black History Month With Inspirational People

Re-read books about well known Black Americans who have made exceptional contributions to our country's rich history or discover new books by inspirational individuals who have made significant contributions to our culture and society.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago
  • (22 items)

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month. Learn more with e-Books and e-Audiobooks.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago
  • (7 items)

Meditation: Digital Edition

Meditate with our e-Books and e-Audios for a calmer and clearer mind.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago
  • (8 items)

Be Your Best Self

Are you taking some time for personal introspection? If so, let these books help guide the way.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago
  • (24 items)

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Non-Fiction for Adults

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Let’s raise our voices to promote safety, respect, and educate people of all ages on the topic of consent. Here are some non-fiction titles to help you learn more about consent, rape culture, and how to support survivors.

  • Last Updated 6 months ago
  • (18 items)

Begin with the End in Mind

The end is not a topic many feel comfortable discussing and that is why we are often not prepared when the time comes. It is to everyone’s advantage to discuss plans and preferences regarding death. The goal of this book list is to help attendees and their loved ones learn how to properly plan from beginning to end.

  • Last Updated 1 month ago
  • (17 items)

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We are proud to share this booklist created by the Domestic Violence Crisis Center to encourage discussion, raise awareness, empower survivors to seek the help they need and know they are not alone. For more resources and information, visit https://www.dvccct.org/

  • Last Updated 2 weeks ago
  • (10 items)

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