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Abby Raises Eyebrows

**At The Top Of The Hour with Jen** Happy Days Are Here Again.... ...the New York Times recently printed a good, (....a great!) review by Sarah Lyall on Curtis Sittenfeld's **_Eligible_**. So the vapors have lifted from Jen and Stephanie as the NY Times Book Review crushed the one nitty nay-sayer from weeks passed (whose name will not be revealed). "Many readers, and twitterverse, came to ...

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Tried and True Summer Reads

It was our last meeting of the year. So in tribute to our love for books, the group created a list of our favorite summer reads of the past. A little bit of something for all interests: breezy easy reads to deep thought-provoking books. A little bit of everything for many reading interests: **Historic Fiction:** _A Beautiful Place To Die_ and _Lonesome Dove_. **Mystery:** _The Coroner's ...

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Swept Away to the 1940s

Cary Grant was in high-style, Orson Wells was perfecting his Film of the Century, and everything was coming up miracles.

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Off to the See the 1930s

Bette Davis, Charlie Chaplin, and Judy Garland being irresistible.

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1920's Mysteries

Take a trip to the past with these spine-tingling mysteries from the 1920s.

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