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Beyonce's Reading List

Can't get enough _Lemonade_?

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Julia Rae's Favorites

I am constantly trolling shelves and online resources for something interesting with particular enjoyment for both long, dramatic novels and short, read-in-one-sitting stories...what I pay attention to is the quality of writing and movement of plot. I am currently studying English, French, Creative Writing, and dabbling in African Studies, so a lot of what I read is centered on those subjects. My ...

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New Genealogy Books

Summertime is perfect for working on your family's story. You can interview your relatives about their parents and their memories of their grandparents. This collection of books focuses on popular topics from recent genealogy lectures.

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Cruising the 50s

We were fresh out of World War 2 and America was booming with new ideas. The 1950s produced the frightening _Rear Window_, jazzy dance numbers like _Singin' in the Rain_, Disney classics like _Sleeping Beauty_.

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Swept Away to the 1940s

Cary Grant was in high-style, Orson Wells was perfecting his Film of the Century, and everything was coming up miracles.

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Off to the See the 1930s

Bette Davis, Charlie Chaplin, and Judy Garland being irresistible.

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Golden Globe Winners 2018

Enjoy these winning films, music, and tv shows as selected by the 75th Golden Globe Awards. [View the complete list of contenders]( "View contenders").

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Black History Month

Black History Month (or African-American History Month) is celebrated in February each year. The month-long celebration highlights the history and achievements of African-Americans within U.S. history. The celebration originated with black historian [Carter G. Woodson]( "Carter G. Woodson").

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Non-Fiction Graphic Novels

Do you want to explore history and the personal stories through graphic novels? They're like comic books but longer! Graphic novels is a growing popular art form that tells stories from the World War II, to the Civil Rights Movement, and tales from around the world.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month was started in 1977 via Congressman Representative Frank Horton. In 1992, Congress formally designated May as [Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month]( "Asian Pacific American Heritage Month"). President Barack Obama issued a [proclamation]( "proclamation") in 2009 which included the new name Asian American and Pacifi ...

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Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month and we're celebrating with stories written by and about the black experience from the U.S. and abroad. These titles are pulled together from our book groups collection. We offer up to ten copies of each book. [Request a title]( "Request a title") for your book group. If there's a story by a black author you don't see below, please [send us ...

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