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Where Did Jen Go

At The Top Of The Hour with ..... .....Laura (!) as Jen is experiencing "book crazy" in Chicago at the Annual Book Expo. She is meeting and talking with publishers, authors and other librarians about what will be the best in new books. Can't wait to hear about her travels next week. We welcomed Jimmy..... ......our Darien High School intern for the next five weeks. He is helping out ...

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Abby Raises Eyebrows

**At The Top Of The Hour with Jen** Happy Days Are Here Again.... ...the New York Times recently printed a good, (....a great!) review by Sarah Lyall on Curtis Sittenfeld's **_Eligible_**. So the vapors have lifted from Jen and Stephanie as the NY Times Book Review crushed the one nitty nay-sayer from weeks passed (whose name will not be revealed). "Many readers, and twitterverse, came to ...

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Essential 90s Films

Want to understand 1990s American culture? Then catch up on these films. You may notice that we have sequels and new releases coming out today which reference these movies. You won't get pop culture references without these films!

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Still Preoccupied with the 80s Films

No need to dance on cars and use big hairspray -- you can return to the 80s by watching one of these great films.

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Don't Forgot the 70s Films

The 1970s brought us the heartstopping fear of Alien, took us to a clockwork future, and introduced to the Force.

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The 60s Films are Calling

Was there anything better than horror by Alfred Hitchcock, mischievous looks from Audrey Hepburn, and the wry smile of Julie Andrews?

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Cruising the 50s

We were fresh out of World War 2 and America was booming with new ideas. The 1950s produced the frightening _Rear Window_, jazzy dance numbers like _Singin' in the Rain_, Disney classics like _Sleeping Beauty_.

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Binge Worthy Series

Who needs Netflix when the library has so many good series available for people to binge watch for free.

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Read It Then Watch It

Whether you think the book or movie is better, enjoy both as these books come to the big screen in 2017. This list will be updated as we add the movie versions of the books.

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Golden Globe Winners 2018

Enjoy these winning films, music, and tv shows as selected by the 75th Golden Globe Awards. [View the complete list of contenders](https://dar.to/2ADSEbY "View contenders").

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Golden Globe Winners

Decide for yourself if you think these films/movies deserve a Golden Globe!

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Hot New August DVDs

Here is a list of hot new movies! We've got everything from this summer's blockbuster "Avengers: Infinity War" to a gender swap version of the classic film "Overboard."

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Stan Lee's Legacy

A selection of materials to honor Stan Lee's immeasurable contribution to entertainment and popular culture.

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Hot New December DVDs

New for your viewing pleasure! We have thrilling edge of your seat adventure with prehistoric sharks, action adventure with Tom Cruise and so much more!

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Darien Library's Best of the Decade in DVDs

What a great decade of DVDs! It would be hard for us to decide our favorites so we put together a list of the twenty most popular items checked out over the past ten years. Starting in 2010, below you'll find the two most checked out DVD titles by year.

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Gardening Videos: Digital Edition

The wonderful thing about gardening is that it both takes time, and yet can also be a mystery to many. It can also be fun and joyous to look at. I hope you enjoy these picks.

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As Seen on TV

Great books for teens and their DVD adaptations!

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New DVD Releases for February 2021

Looking for a myriad of different films to keep you entertained this weekend? We have you covered!

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From Seoul to Tokyo

Body swapping, lush historical settings, elite high school cliques and the grim reaper in mostly 16 episodes. These are just some of the thrilling storylines in our latest curated collection of Korean Dramas (Kdrama for short).

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Anime Collection

From the animals of the Chinese Zodiac to the futuristic misadventures of a bounty hunter, we've got a new curated collection of anime series just for you!

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