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Graphic Medicine

Comics can play a helpful role in the study and delivery of healthcare, and Graphic Medicine as a term denotes the intersection of comics and health narratives. Get a glimpse into the lives of people who have been impacted by any number of illnesses and treatments and faced the same questions and concerns you or someone you know might be facing, or have faced previously. Graphic Novels on health a ...

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Graphic Memoirs

Whereas the traditional memoir format leaves it to the reader's imagination to construct a visual for the story, graphic memoirs feature a comic format, most often drawn by the author, to allow you to _see_ what life is like through their own lens. It's a deeper, and often more visceral, reading experience than you'll find with text-only narratives.

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Stan Lee's Legacy

A selection of materials to honor Stan Lee's immeasurable contribution to entertainment and popular culture.

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Darien Library's Best of the Decade in Children's

What a great decade of books! It would be hard for us to decide our favorites so we put together a list of the twenty most popular items checked out over the past ten years. Starting in 2010, below you'll find the two most checked out children's titles by year.

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Youth Media Awards 2020

The American Library Association announced their Youth Media Awards this week. Check out this list of notable books for children and young adults, or check [ALA's website]( for a complete run-down of the winners.

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Black History Month Adult Graphic Novels

Celebrate Black History Month with comics by creators of color and comics about Black history!

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Borrow Comic Books: Digital Edition

There is a comic out there for every type of reader. And they're not just for kids! Find a new series to love with these adult comic titles on Hoopla!

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Seriously Great Series: Digital Edition

Looking for the next series your child is sure to devour? We’ve got you covered with some of our favorites.

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These Comics are Antiracist

Comics engage us visually and textually, making them a great medium for learning about the experiences of others.

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New Children's Books: August 2020

On the hunt for something new and exciting? Looking for a great new author or the next book in your favorite series? Below you'll find a list of brand new children's books available here at Darien Library, published in the eighth month of 2020.

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