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Homeschool Play: Cafe

Merge pretend play and math practice in this fun family activity! Turn a play kitchen (or imaginary food!) into a cafe complete with a menu, servers, and play money for a morning of family fun that doubles as math time. To start, I prepped some play money--green construction paper turned into $1, $5, and $10 bills, but I used real coins to add an air of seriousness to our play.

  • Last Updated 7 months ago
  • Catherine Stricklan (CL STAFF)

Expand Your Learning: Lerner Distance Learning Library

Check out Lerner Digital’s Distance Learning Library! To help librarians, teachers and educators better aid students with remote learning, Lerner Publishing Group has made a selection of their digital products available for free through the end of June. All of the available titles are read-alouds, though you can choose not to utilize this featur ...

  • Last Updated 7 months ago
  • Kaitlin (CL STAFF) Frick

Holiday Cookbooks and Sides Plus Dessert

Holiday cookies fresh from the oven, warm hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows atop, the glow from the kindling in the fire, and family gathered around remembering holidays past while making memories for holidays future.

  • Last Updated 4 years ago
  • (5 items)

Let's Clean Up 2018

Tackle that closet, face the overly stuffed drawer, don't hide from the chaotic basement! Here are some books to guide you through your 2018 cleaning purge.

  • Last Updated 2 years ago
  • (11 items)

Summer Self-Care

You can care for yourself this Summer by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmer's markets into your diet, taking a break in nature, exercising, and listening to upbeat music! Here are just a few suggestions to get you started!

  • Last Updated 2 years ago
  • (12 items)

Sharpen your images with Photoshop

Looking for help to edit and publish your images? Look no further! This great selection of Photoshop books will give you all the tips and guidance you need to perfect and publish amazing graphics!

  • Last Updated 2 years ago
  • (6 items)

Beautiful Books to Inspire

Enjoy these beautiful books to inspire your home decorating. It's the perfect time of year to do so as we look ahead to spring.

  • Last Updated 1 year ago
  • (6 items)

Darien Library's Best of the Decade in Non-Fiction

What a great decade of books! It would be hard for us to decide our favorites so we put together a list of the twenty most popular items checked out over the past ten years. Starting in 2010, below you'll find the two most checked out non-fiction titles by year.

  • Last Updated 11 months ago
  • (20 items)

Home and Garden Favorites

A few of our favorite Home and Garden books from the past decade.

  • Last Updated 10 months ago
  • (10 items)

Cooking: Digital Edition

Right now is the perfect time to work on your cooking skills. Spend more time in your kitchen and discover a new dish or find the perfect recipe for an old time favorite.

  • Last Updated 7 months ago
  • (12 items)

Decorating: Digital Edition

Learn tips and tricks to revamp your home. Spring is the perfect time to give your rooms a facelift.

  • Last Updated 7 months ago
  • (5 items)

Baking: Digital Edition

Do you feel motivated to learn how to make bread from scratch? Hankering for some homemade brownies? Want to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? Browse through these books and have your kitchen smell amazing in no time!

  • Last Updated 7 months ago
  • (8 items)

Gardening: Digital Edition

Spring is the perfect time of year to start planning your garden. Whether it be a small herb garden or a large vegetable garden, these books can help you discover your green thumb.

  • Last Updated 7 months ago
  • (5 items)

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