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Funny Girl

When life starts getting a little bit too real, pick up a book by one of these remarkable women. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, or at the very least, help you find a smile when you need it.

  • Last Updated 11 months ago
  • (12 items)

Cry Every Time

These books are for people who embrace their "feels" and are looking for stories and characters that will guarantee to leave some tear stains on the page. Many books are under the "teen" section, but this is a category for anyone with a good emotional range, though never fear we've heard crying is a therapeutic experience.

  • Last Updated 11 months ago
  • (12 items)

Read in A Day: Graphic Novel Edition

Not huge into drowning in a 500 page novel? Never fear we have a completely legitimate list of books for the person who wants a good (and fast) story. Graphic novels are great for anyone but especially the: slow reader, comic book fan, reluctant readers, teens, grandparents, and anyone in between.

  • Last Updated 11 months ago
  • (10 items)

Beyonce's Reading List

Can't get enough _Lemonade_?

  • Last Updated 11 months ago
  • (10 items)

Thrill Ride

For those readers who enjoy psychological thrillers that keep you guessing to the end.

  • Last Updated 11 months ago
  • (8 items)

Girls Night Out

Books that you want to share with your girlfriends.

  • Last Updated 11 months ago
  • (9 items)

Julia Rae's Favorites

I am constantly trolling shelves and online resources for something interesting with particular enjoyment for both long, dramatic novels and short, read-in-one-sitting stories...what I pay attention to is the quality of writing and movement of plot. I am currently studying English, French, Creative Writing, and dabbling in African Studies, so a lot of what I read is centered on those subjects. My ...

  • Last Updated 10 months ago
  • (14 items)

Pat T's favorites

I enjoy novels that have strong character development with good plots, as well as non-fiction books-history,cooking/baking/self-help and memoirs. I always like to read in the evening before bed, as well as listen to audio books throughout the day as I drive and walk around town!

  • Last Updated 10 months ago
  • (24 items)

Orange is the New Black Reading List

Buzzfeed Books compiled a [list of all the books]( "Orange is the New Black booklist") seen on the fourth season of _Orange is the New Black_. You can borrow some of them from Darien Library by putting them on hold below!

  • Last Updated 9 months ago
  • (41 items)

New Children's Books: January 2017

On the hunt for something new and exciting? Looking for a great new author or the next book in your favorite series? Below you'll find a list of brand new children's books available here at Darien Library, published in the twelfth month of 2016. For a complete list of children's books published this month, visit [Publisher's Weekly on-sale calendar]( ...

  • Last Updated 4 months ago
  • (7 items)

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