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Kindergarten to Third Graders Book Club Choices

Select a book from our list of book club choices for first to third graders. Ask any Children's librarian for more information. ### Kids Book Club Kits * A book summary and five copies of the book * Discussion starters and questions * Further resources such as websites or extended reading opportunities * Borrow the Kit for three weeks ### Kids Book Club Guidelines * Check out the kit ...

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Darien Library Best Books of 2016

Every December, our librarians vote on their favorite books of the year. The ten books that get the most votes have the honor of being our Best Books! This year, the Best Books of 2016 are:

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Book Buzz for Book Groups 2019 Titles

We thank the ten publisher reps who came to the Library on September 12, 2019 to share the books they're most excited about for the upcoming year. Below are the titles shared. If you want to request any for your book group, please [use the form](https://dar.to/2m4bt4m "use the form"). Our thanks to Melissa Nicholas, Hachette; Kaitlyn Spotts, Hachette; Virginia Stanley, HarperCollins; Chris Con ...

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