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Funny Girl

When life starts getting a little bit too real, pick up a book by one of these remarkable women. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, or at the very least, help you find a smile when you need it.

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Good Listening Memoirs

You never know where the road will lead when you get to listen to the memoir of a person of interest!

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Where Did Jen Go

At The Top Of The Hour with ..... .....Laura (!) as Jen is experiencing "book crazy" in Chicago at the Annual Book Expo. She is meeting and talking with publishers, authors and other librarians about what will be the best in new books. Can't wait to hear about her travels next week. We welcomed Jimmy..... ......our Darien High School intern for the next five weeks. He is helping out ...

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Memoirs for Discussion

Looking to add a memoir to your Book Group's reading list? Dive into one of these!

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Presidential Hopefuls

These days it seems you can't run for president without writing a book. Find out what what they were thinking-- ideas, policies, and a little bit of autobiography-- on the road to the White House.

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Top Chef

Behind every good meal is a dedicated and creative chef! Have you ever thought about how a good chef comes into being? Well, with these good books, you will not only be entertained but you will come to appreciate all the hard work, grueling hours, failures, success and rewards of those with a passion for creating and serving that which sustains!

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What is a life story? Do you remember the moment when everything changed? These memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies tell tales about lives in transit.

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Graphic Medicine

Comics can play a helpful role in the study and delivery of healthcare, and Graphic Medicine as a term denotes the intersection of comics and health narratives. Get a glimpse into the lives of people who have been impacted by any number of illnesses and treatments and faced the same questions and concerns you or someone you know might be facing, or have faced previously. Graphic Novels on health a ...

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month was started in 1977 via Congressman Representative Frank Horton. In 1992, Congress formally designated May as [Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month]( "Asian Pacific American Heritage Month"). President Barack Obama issued a [proclamation]( "proclamation") in 2009 which included the new name Asian American and Pacifi ...

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Memoir Project

Find your memoir project books here!

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Graphic Memoirs

Whereas the traditional memoir format leaves it to the reader's imagination to construct a visual for the story, graphic memoirs feature a comic format, most often drawn by the author, to allow you to _see_ what life is like through their own lens. It's a deeper, and often more visceral, reading experience than you'll find with text-only narratives.

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