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Screentime for kids

Screentime and children is a hot topic, and we have some great resources put together for you to explore and answer your questions. We love hearing your questions about app evaluation and screen time, so feel free to contact us any time. And don't forget, you can check out our [Early Literacy iPads]( (for 5 and under) or [Tween Tabs](https://sta ...

  • Last Updated 3 years ago
  • Amanda L. Goodman

Best Books for Preschoolers

The _Best Books for Preschool Children_ is a recommended reading list compiled by the Darien Library Children's Librarians and made possible by the Phil A. Petit Memorial Fund. Phil Petit was a great storyteller as well as a man of indomitable spirt whose love of life was felt by all who knew him. The collection is dedicated to his grandchildren: * Samantha, Lizzie, and Davy Choos * Alessan ...

  • Last Updated 2 years ago
  • (25 items)

Spring Stories

Spring has sprung! Celebrate springtime with these refreshing read alouds for all ages.

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  • (10 items)

New Children's Books: June 2017

New Children's Books: June 2017 On the hunt for something new and exciting? Looking for a great new author or the next book in your favorite series? Below you'll find a list of brand new children's books available here at Darien Library, published in the sixth month of 2017. For a complete list of children's books published this month, visit[ Publisher's Weekly on-sale calendar](https: ...

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