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Presidential Hopefuls

These days it seems you can't run for president without writing a book. Find out what what they were thinking-- ideas, policies, and a little bit of autobiography-- on the road to the White House.

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Great Presidential Biographies

Stephanie is not-so-secretly a huge fan of presidential biographies. These are some of her favorites--even those who prefer novels can find a book worth reading!

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Essential 90s Films

Want to understand 1990s American culture? Then catch up on these films. You may notice that we have sequels and new releases coming out today which reference these movies. You won't get pop culture references without these films!

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Still Preoccupied with the 80s Films

No need to dance on cars and use big hairspray -- you can return to the 80s by watching one of these great films.

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Don't Forgot the 70s Films

The 1970s brought us the heartstopping fear of Alien, took us to a clockwork future, and introduced to the Force.

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