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Free Tax Return Preparation: In Person and Virtual

Darien Library has teamed up with SimplifyCT, the same group of IRS-certified volunteers that have been preparing your taxes for years, to again provide our community with the no cost, full-service VITA/IRS Volunteer Tax Assistance Program. The service will be available both on-site at Darien Library and virtually through a secure internet site.

Who is eligible for these services?

There are no age or income limits for these services, but special attention is given to seniors and low to moderate income households.

Key Dates

  • January 22nd: First day of tax assistance is available
  • April 15th: Last day of this tax preparation service.

Register for an Appointment

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In-Person Tax Preparation and Assistance

How does this work?

You will meet in person with an IRS-certified preparer at Darien Library. Appointments should be made ahead of time by calling 860-590-8910. You must bring all of your 2023 tax paperwork (see list of items below), a photo ID, and proof of your and your dependents' Social Security numbers.

View directions to Darien Library at 1441 Post Road.

In-Person Days

  • Mondays from 1 to 7 p.m.
  • Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Most appointments will be held on the Mezzanine level of Darien Library. Take the elevator to M or the stairs to the top floor. Make a left and your destination is at the end of the hallway.

Occasionally, some days will take place in the Community Room on the left when you come into the building from the parking lot. Follow the signage.

Online Tax Preparation and Assistance

How does this work?

You can access the virtual option by going to and following directions to the “Get Your Refund” (GYR) virtual site. On this highly encrypted site (like that used by banks and brokerage houses, see protocol below), you will be taken through a series of screens in which you will enter personal information and upload images of your tax forms. Once completed, you will receive a phone call from an IRS-certified volunteer who will the guide you through the rest of the process.

What technology will I need?

You will need to access to a smartphone or a tablet with a camera, or a computer with a scanner.

What is the security protocol?

While no data security plan is 100% fail-safe, the following SimplifyCT's security policy is in place to provide the safest environment for our clients:

  • All taxpayer information sent to the GYR website is stored in an encrypted database protected from external networks.
  • The website will not permit any network connections without strong encryption protocols.
  • All connections are encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates.
  • Use of Google’s “Recaptcha” to protect against malicious bots.
  • Utilization of a publicly registered domain name.
  • Implementation of an incident response plan that includes reporting security incidents to the IRS.

Forms Needed

Forms needed for both onsite and virtual tax assistance.

Before starting either the on-site or virtual filings taxpayers must have the following types of information available. If you are filing with a spouse and/or dependents(s), please upload or bring all relevant documentation for them, too.


Identity Documentation

  • Government-issued photo ID.
  • Social Security or ITIN numbers for all taxpayers and dependents.
  • Bank account/routing numbers (blank check preferable), if expecting a refund.


All 2023 income report forms received

  • SSA1099 if you were paid Social Security benefits.
  • W-2(s) from your employer(s).
  • W-2G from gambling winnings.
  • 1099G from unemployment compensation payments.
  • 1099s: Bank interest, stock dividends, retirement distributions, broker statements.


Other Important Documents

  • If itemizing deductions, receipts for expenses such as taxes paid (real estate, vehicle) and charitable contributions; and verification of the original purchase price of sold assets (home, stocks).
  • Form 1095-A if health insurance was from the Access Health Connecticut Marketplace.
  • Verification if applicable, including notices from the IRS, of stimulus payments and/or advanced Child Tax Credits received.


And preferably, for reference, a copy of your 2022 return.

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