Due to a rise in COVID cases, masks are required when visiting the Library building.

Our mission is to provide education, entertainment, enrichment, and community building through compassionate service to all.
We are the heart of Darien and provide experiences that people love and remember.


Darien Library is a Library Journal Five Star Library. We are among the busiest public libraries in the state, with over 1,300 people visiting on an average day. We have the highest per capita circulation in Connecticut, with more than 32 items per resident checked out each year, and our Wi-Fi and public computers are used nearly a quarter of a million times a year. We present over 1,500 public events annually, hosting a lineup of bestselling authors, the latest in coding and technology classes, workshops for small business owners and entrepreneurs, storytimes, art classes, film series, and concerts. Our core commitment to excellence is in our hospitality, and making sure every patron feels welcome when they’re with us. Though we’re proud of our ratings and our figures, we are proudest of what our patrons do: the tests they pass, the books they read, the jobs they get, the skills they learn, the crafts they make, and the smiles on their faces when they leave.


Darien Library has built an international reputation for innovation in many of our operations and services. When it came time to build our current building, we designed the building to not only facilitate our day-to-day library operations, but also to be ecologically responsible, and still maintain our LEED Gold certification. Around the building, our stacks are organized in several modifications of the Dewey Decimal System, to allow our patrons to find our books more easily. Our most recent website update reflects several patron requests, including grouping different formats of any book into one record, creating easy ways to link patron accounts and keep a borrowing history, and one-click eBook downloading. And from hosting Nerf battles in our stacks to offering classes to teach the basics of online dating to allowing our Teen Advisory Board to host a talent show each year, we listen to the unique needs of our patrons. We believe innovation should be inspired by the community and driven by staff members with the freedom to make a difference.


No matter what you need, we want to be your first stop. Our Reference Librarians look forward to those tricky questions that Google can’t answer, finding research materials for students of all ages, and helping find that article you read a few years ago in a magazine with a blue cover. Our Readers’ Advisors delight in hearing about what you’ve been reading and sharing their thoughts, and are always there to suggest your next favorite read, whether you want a mystery full of red herrings, a Regency romance, or the perfect book group read. Our Technology Help Desk Librarians have your back when you needed those copies an hour ago, but your printer decided to take the day off, and can help with all your small business needs. Our Children’s Librarians are there for parents trying to decide about screentime, babies who are coming to their first storytime, and kids who are falling in love with reading. Everyone who works here is ready and excited to help you with whatever you need! And all of us are just one phone call, email, or instant message away.


I have known and loved Darien Library for more than 80 years.

Ann Mandel Resident & Honorary Trustee

My love of books began in the children’s room of the Darien Library.

Amy Cholnoky Resident & Former Trustee

Darien Library is always on the cutting-edge. They are the first to introduce Darien to new technologies, and the fantastic staff helps us learn to do more with the gadgets we already have.

Bruce Ferguson Resident & Former Trustee

I love Darien Library because it is not just a building but a wonderful window to the world and all it has to offer!

George Wyper Resident & Honorary Trustee

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