Network & Computer Use Policy

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The Library is committed to ensuring the best possible access to computers and the internet for patrons who seek information and technology, and realizes that a lack of access may be socially and economically damaging to individuals. Therefore, the Library makes computer use available to the public as well as allowing patrons access to the internet either through the use of its public computers or through patrons’ connections of their personal devices to the Library’s network.

The following policy outlines the use of the Library’s public computers and use of the Library’s network, whether accessed by the Library’s public computers or by a patron’s personal device.

Accessing a Public Computer

Library patrons with registered library cards may log in to a public computer using their library card barcode. Library cards and the privileges they convey are not transferrable. Guest passes to log in to the public computers may be made available upon request. The Library reserves the right to refuse to issue a guest pass. Guest passes are not transferrable and expire at the end of the day.

Filtering and Children’s Access

Darien Library reserves the right to block access to sites which it deems a security threat to the Library’s network or infrastructure. Otherwise, with the exception of the public computers in the Children’s Library, the Library provides unfiltered access to the internet. The public computers located in the Children’s Library are reserved for the use of children under the age of 12 years old. Public computers in the Children’s Library are filtered at the network level, however the Library recognizes that filtering is not a completely reliable means of protection from materials that may be offensive, controversial, or illegal. Parents or guardians are expected to monitor and supervise their children's public computer and internet use. Public computers in the Teen Lounge are reserved for the use of children between the ages of 12 and 18 years old, and are not filtered.

Guidelines for Use

Use of Darien Library's network or public computers for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes or in support of such activities is prohibited and may be reported to law enforcement authorities. The Library reserves the right to terminate a user's public computer session at any time for actions that violate the Library’s Patron Behavior Policy or this Network and Public Computer Use Policy. Similarly, the Library reserves the right to restrict network access because of inappropriate use. Other Library privileges may also be suspended as a result of computer or network use that violates the Patron Behavior Policy.

Materials obtained or copied on the internet may be subject to copyright laws which govern the making of reproductions of copyrighted works.

Library patrons use the public computers and the Library's network at their own risk.

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