Our Librarians


Kiera Parrott headshot

Kiera Parrott


Kiera is a lifelong learner and true believer in the transformational power of the public library. She enjoys reading twisty psychological thrillers and works of social science and history, watching Jeopardy, and listening to Hall & Oates.

Adult Programming & Community Engagement

Pat Sheary headshot

Pat Sheary

Head of Adult Programming

Pat is not only an insatiable reader and huge Anglophile, she loves to travel and do needlework. Ask Pat where she is going next! She’ll be happy to tell you!

Amanda DeMaio headshot

Amanda DeMaio

Adult Programmer

Amanda loves reading about far away adventures, crafting, and always makes time for a coming of age novel. If you are ever putting together a cheese plate or are looking for an electric kazoo performance, Amanda to the rescue!

Jane Frazier headshot

Jane Frazier

Adult Programmer

Jane Frazier is our Hostess with the Mostess, resident Francophile, and Michigan sports fanatic. When she’s not welcoming you to one of our library programs, you can find her swimming laps at the YMCA or baking her famous chocolate chip cookies.

Joanne Gabriel headshot

Joanne Gabriel

Adult Programmer

Joanne grew up in Darien, and currently lives here with her husband, two teenaged sons, and dog, Jett. She is into cooking, native gardening, and horticultural therapy.

Kathleen Millard headshot

Kathleen Millard

Adult Author Programming

Kathleen is a fiction reader with a sprinkling of non-fiction and thrillers. She is focused on author events and is always interested in connecting amazing writers with an audience of readers. The best author events enrich your life and pique your curiosity. Fine arts, travel, and wellness round out her days.


Victor Pensiero headshot

Victor Pensiero

Building Engineer

Vic keeps our library building in shape. As the former Chief Plumber for the Darien school district and current Chief of the Darien Fire Department, Vic is always ready to serve.

Children's Services

Samantha Cardone

Samantha Cardone

Children's Program Coordinator

Samantha is a strong believer that every art project needs more glitter. She loves working as a children’s librarian because it involves lots of improvisation, books, and imagination! She enjoys epic fantasy series, middle grade fiction, and Jane Austen. When not burrowing into a good book, Samantha likes visiting historical sites, writing, and trying new food in the city.

Eileen D'Andrea headshot

Eileen D'Andrea

Children's Library Assistant

Eileen loves to connect kids with that one perfect book... the book that will make them a reader. She is a school librarian when she's not in the Children's Library and when she reads books for grown-ups, she prefers historical fiction.

María E. Magallanes headshot

María E. Magallanes

Children's Library Assistant

María is an art lover who loves to paint, whether it’s on a canvas or accidentally on her clothes. When she’s not painting, she’s most likely spending time with her three pet dogs and fish. She incorporates art and music into her class Libros y Cuentos, along with some stuffed animals as she has three pet dogs and a fish. If you ever feel like practicing or learning some Spanish, feel free to come and say ‘Hola’ to her.

Samarpana Tamm headshot

Samarpana Tamm

Children's Library Assistant

Samarpana is a former Montessori teacher and one of our Early Childhood Specialists. She conducts Giggles & Rhymes and can help anyone navigate our Picture Book collection!

Knowledge & Learning Services

Brittany Netherton headshot

Brittany Netherton

Head of Knowledge and Learning Services

Brittany loves the thrill of tracking down the answers to challenging questions. She is in a perpetual state of wanderlust and believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of a good laugh. In her spare time, she’s probably backpacking, cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats, or cleaning a stream.

Maria Banke headshot

Maria Banke

Senior Technology Assistant

Maria joined the Help Desk team after several decades as an IT professional in the financial industry. A long-time Darien resident, Maria spends her spare time volunteering for local organizations, sharing her wealth of IT knowledge!

Ali O'Brien

Ali O'Brien

Knowledge and Learning Assistant

Ali loves science, science fiction, and art. She has far too many hobbies, and is happy to discuss gardening, cooking, any kind of art and craft, or the correct way to hem a pair of pants. Her favorite book series is Frank Herbert's Dune, but Ray Bradbury, Larry Niven, and Neil Gaiman also hold a special place in her heart.

Sarah Faeth headshot

Sarah Faeth

Knowledge and Learning Assistant

Sarah has been told she has "printed matter disease" because she can't help but read any book that comes her way. She especially enjoys memoirs, social science, new fiction, and anything Buddhist. When she's not in the middle of a book, Sarah can be found hanging out with her cat, making jewelry, working on her meditation practice, or perfecting playlists of the grunge and rock songs she loved in high school.

Kathleen Fieffe

Kathleen Fieffe

Knowledge and Learning Assistant

Kathleen loves documentaries, letterpress stationery and letter writing; doughnuts and ALL food. She also listens to public radio programming and podcasts. Ask her what she's listening to now!

Kristen Orth headshot

Kristen Orth

Knowledge and Learning Services Librarian

Kristen is a born-and-raised Midwesterner with a love for making things and science fiction. Outside of the Library, she can be found working on overly ambitious craft projects and pretending she's good at trivia.

Caitlin Stote

Caitlin Stote

Knowledge and Learning Assistant

Caitlin has been working seasonly at the Library for ten years. The Library is her sanctuary.

Materials Management

Kate Frick headshot

Kate Frick

Head of Materials Management

Kate is a big believer in the power of words, whether read, sung, or spoken. When not in the library, Kate can be found either immersed in a book while cuddling with cats or singing and dancing around the apartment.

Cathy Condren

Cathy Condren

Materials Management Shelver

Cathy is a retired lawyer with two grown children and she lives in Darien with her husband, dog and cat. She enjoys reading literary fiction, memoirs, legal thrillers, detective mysteries and cookbooks. She also loves spending time with people she loves, bird-watching, animals, volunteering, and road trips.

Jo Gleeson headshot

Jo Gleeson

Materials Management Shelver

Jo is a retired middle school teacher who is trading YA literature for historical fiction and novels. She enjoys biking, baking, long walks, and discovering new places.

Inger Vilter

Inger Vilter

Materials Management Shelver

Inger lives in Darien with her husband and has three grown kids. She loves to read, going to the beach, and watching baseball!

Eden Wright

Eden Wright

Materials Management Shelver

Eden is an avid reader. Her favorite genres are memoirs, classics, and new fiction. She also enjoys Shakespeare.

Readers' Advisory Services

Pat Tone headshot

Pat Tone

Head of Reader Services

Pat is a dog lover and haunter of book shops everywhere. Ask her about the best in books on cd or playaways.

Virginia Grubbs headshot

Virginia Grubbs

Assistant Head of Reader Services

Virginia's favorite genres include thrillers and suspense, mysteries, general fiction, chick-lit and young adult books featuring a dystopian society. Aside from books, she also loves movies and suspenseful TV series. She's a proud Texan enjoying life in Connecticut.

Jill Maguire headshot

Jill Maguire

Reader Advisor

Jill loves reading and watching movies, but not at the same time. Jill belongs to a variety of book groups. Her husband and 4 grown children add hustle to the bustle, and she loves every minute of it.

Colleen Wood headshot

Colleen Wood

Reader Advisor

Colleen loves learning about people and places and hence has a particular interest in historical fiction. She's fascinated by the world around her and tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Her favorite hobbies are running with friends, working in the garden, and spending time with her husband, their dog, and grown-up children.

Tween & Teen Services

Mia Orobona headshot

Mia Orobona

Head of Tween and Teen Services

Mia is our resident teen wrangler. When she is not at the Library, she spends a lot of her time on Tumblr, going on Target runs, and of course, reading books. She’s open to reading anything, but is most fond of YA realistic fiction and graphic novels with strong female characters.

User Experience & Technology

Amanda L. Goodman headshot

Amanda L. Goodman

Head of UX and Technology

Amanda is a librarian who loves mountains, genealogy, and fandom. She wants to travel the world—after she finishes this story.

Kristen Hinz

Kristen Hinz

Library Marketer

Kristen hasn't met a genre she hasn't liked, but poetry and magical realism are close to her heart. When she isn't in the library or nestled into a book, you can find her practicing photography, attending a hockey game (go Habs go!), or playing video games.

José Maria Magallanes headshot

José Martinez

Technology Specialist

A lover for the intricacies that come with writing songs and books, José Maria is a proud member of the Darien Library staff since 2017. He can most often be found in the Children’s Library making crafts and helping out, but occasionally you’ll see him at the Welcome Desk assisting patrons with a smile. He loves creating music for most of the day at home, while in his spare time you’ll find him in a stack of his favorite type of books: detective mysteries and rom-coms. His hobbies include diving deep into the world of music audio, exploring new places for fun activities, and is currently in the midst of writing a memoir he is planning on completing by the end of the year.

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