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American English for Kids

Kids will have fun with interactive books and activities that will teach them words, phrases, pronunciation, and more in American English. They will develop reading skills, learn vocabulary and spelling, and practice letter sounds and speaking as they read-along with with books.

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Launchpad: I'm a Super Reader!

Early readers will develop their literacy skills with games, activities, and read-alongs designed to teach them about the alphabet, phonics, sight words, and so much more! This SuperPack contains 2X as many apps as the standard Launchpad; Learn new words; Master the alphabet and phonics skills; Read along with books

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Later Gator!

Kids will explore the vast world of animals and insects with these games, puzzles, and interactive storybooks. This SuperPack contains twice as many apps as the standard Launchpad, improve memory and hand-eye coordination. 

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Launchpad: On a Mission!

Middle schoolers will learn all about the world around them and discover their personal edge with these games, challenges, and puzzles revolving around science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This SuperPack contains 2X as many apps as the standard Launchpad; Discover the periodic table; Make your own comic books; Learn about the solar system

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Little scientists and explorers will learn all about animals from around the world, pre-historic life, the environment, plant life and so much more with these interactive games and puzzles. This SuperPack contains 2X as many apps as the standard Launchpad. Discover animals from Africa to North America; Unearth information about the environment; Discover biospheres and ecosystems

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Backpack with a variety of items including binoculars, birdwatching book, bug jars, and bug net.

Explore the outdoors on a trail or in your own backyard with our Nature Backpacks.

Backpack + bug net + 2 bug jars + magnifying glass + a bird pocket guide + binoculars + compass + "Leave No Trace" cards

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