Mindfulness to Boost Resilience, Reduce Stress & Strengthen your Mind-Body Connection

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Registration for this event will close on May 15, 2024 @ 7:00pm.
There are 23 seats remaining.

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Boost your resilience and mental health in this mindfulness course provided by Gale Presents: Udemy. Attendees will meet in-person as a group to view and participate in this online video course.  

What you'll earn:

  • Explore Mindfulness: Learn how to bring positivity into your life, feeling better inside and out.

  • Strengthen Mind-Body Connection: Explore the profound link between mindfulness and physical health, understanding how they work together to improve overall well

  • Learn How to Beat Stress: Discover easy breathing techniques to zap stress and stay focused.

  • Improve Relationships through Mindful Listening: Become a better listener, show understanding, and improve your personal and professional relationships.

  • Boost Happiness through Gratitude: Experience the power of daily gratitude to fill your life with positivity.

  • Spread Kindness: Learn mindfulness techniques to be kinder to yourself and others, creating a warm and caring world around you.

  • Face Challenges with Confidence: Build resilience to handle tough times with determination and strength.

  • Nourish Your Mind and Body: Explore mindful eating and movement to feel healthier and happier starting today.

  • Cultivate Mindful Living Habits: Learn how to infuse mindfulness into your daily activities, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

  • Improve Focus and Concentration: Master mindfulness techniques that sharpen your focus, enhance concentration, and boost productivity in both work and study.

  • Strengthen Emotional Regulation: Develop effective techniques to manage your emotions, leading to greater emotional intelligence and increased self-control.

About the Instructor:

Viktoriya Kurganska's mission is to help people become more effective communicators. "I believe that effective communication is key to success in both personal and professional lives, and I am committed to helping you achieve your goals."

Gale Presents: Udemy

Gale Presents: Udemy is an online learning platform for adults who want to improve work-related skills or further develop a personal interest. Udemy offers nearly 20,000 online video courses for upskilling in the areas of business, tech, and personal development across 75+ different categories, and is available with your Darien Library card.


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