Collection Development Policy

Our aim is to provide a currently useful collection of materials representing different points of view for the educational, informational, and recreational opportunities for our users. We select materials for people from infancy through maturity.

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Patron Behavior Policy

The Library is for everyone. We have developed policies and procedures which ensure the safety of all patrons. In general, unacceptable behavior is that which interferes with the use of the Library for other people. We have outlined what is unacceptable behavior and our Unattended Children Policy.

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Meeting Rooms Policy

We offer a variety of study and meeting rooms to meet your needs. These rooms are open to all patrons to use within the guidelines we have set forth.

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Privacy & Security Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. We take every measure to protect your personal information and checkout history. Our duty to do so is driven from a legal and ethical stance as we adhere to the American Library Association's Code of Ethics.

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Network & Computer Use Policy

The Library is committed to ensuring the best possible access to computers and the internet for patrons who seek information and technology, and realizes that a lack of access may be socially and economically damaging to individuals.

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Photography Policy

We take photos and videos at some of our programs. Why? We want to share the experiences and educational opportunities that the Library has to offer. 

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