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Current Exhibit: Lori Leckliter-Slotkin

Friday, February 21st through Monday, March 30th

About the Artist

Mining my personal history to explore unanswered questions creates the foundation in my art practice.

While exploring my childhood spent in Australia, I was struck by the devastating bushfires that have destroyed so much of the countrie’s wildlife. My current body of work examines my memories as well as the current state of Australia’s landscape.

Through fast gestural portraiture in my series titled #IRL, I am exploring the many layers of emerging identity that appears during adolescence. I am interested in the influences effecting youth in the post internet age. There is a commonality between us linking memories of adolescence to living the experience now. This relatable time has been my focus throughout my career as an artist and fashion designer. The textile work is a form of abstract expression. I am using the tactile assemblage to tell stories.

Visit her website or her Instagram account.

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Painting by Lori Leckliter-Slotkin

Painting by Lori Leckliter-Slotkin

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