Current Exhibit: Jayson Tobias' Odyssey in Color

Thursday, February 1st through Friday, March 16th


Friday, February 9th from 6 to 8 p.m.

About the Artist

Jayson Tobias began his pursuit in the arts at a young age with guidance from his mother, an art educator. She exposed him to images and works of art that contained prism like colors, which had a prominent influence on Jayson's palette. Jayson's work transitions between realistic vistas, portraiture and abstract pieces that are more free and creative in nature. He enjoys experimenting with new ways to attack and compose his subject matter.

"I draw my inspiration from the beauty I see in the world around me and look to enhance what I observe with color and energy. A photo can speak wonders, but I feel that the paint itself also has a story to tell. As colors blend and light gives way to shape and depth, something special emerges. Art has always been a place where I can express my deepest emotions in a way that is uniquely me."

Apply to be an Artist on View

The Darien Library Art Gallery is located on the Lower Level. Throughout the year, local artists across all mediums display their work. Submit your artwork for consideration

Last Weekend with Angel by Jayson Tobias

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