Famous Memorials & Monuments Throughout the United States

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Take a virtual road trip throughout the United States and visit iconic memorials and monuments.

War memorials honor a time when men and women made the ultimate sacrifice, risking their lives for their love for the country. These sites appeal to family members and friends who wish to commemorate their loved ones' service, as well as to those who want to pay their respects to the fallen. We will explore the artistic aspects of these larger than life landmarks. Some of the memorials include The Vietnam memorial, USS Arizona, Korean War Veteran’s memorial, 9/11 memorial.

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We will also look at Contemporary artist, Kehinde Wiley’s monument “Rumor’s of War” which grapples with a current topic of the removal of confederate statues, markers and other monuments that celebrate controversial Civil War era figures from public grounds. Do we remove or destroy these monuments in an effort to rewrite history? Or do we live with them as a reminder of past mistakes?

About the Presenter

Ronnit Vasserman is the founder of Art Connect Group a full service art consulting firm located in New York. She has worked for many years for Investment Banks including Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. When first starting her professional career she didn’t want to risk making ends meet in the art world.

After a successful career in investment banking she now dedicates her time to her favorite asset class, art. She has a degree in Fine Arts and Art History. In addition to helping clients acquire art she educates them on all the latest trends by organizing events throughout the year. These events include art fair walkthroughs, studio, museum, auction house and gallery visits.

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