The Darien Library family is truly special.

Because of our staff, Darien Library maintains a world-class reputation for excellence in customer service and innovation.


Stephanie Anderson

Assistant Director for Public Services

Stephanie is the Assistant Director for Public Services. She is also the head of Readers’ Advisory after years of working as a bookseller. She reads just about anything, from presidential biographies to Regency romances, with a lot of new fiction in-between. When she’s not at the library, she’s reading on the train home to Brooklyn or running a basketball league for book nerds.

(203) 669-5234

John Blyberg

Assistant Director for Innovation and UX

John is a library geek. He enjoys reading pretty much anything but has a soft spot for John Irving, Geraldine Brooks, and, of course, Tolkien. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with his family and his gimpy dachshund.

(203) 669-5222

Reed Collyer


Reed keeps the bills paid and the books balanced. In her spare time, she is a runner, reader and mom to three fantastic kids and two rescue dogs. Some of her favorite authors are Zora Neale Hurston and Wally Lamb.

(203) 669-5253

Alan Kirk Gray


Alan reads a lot of naval history and fiction and is always trying to get us to go play softball. Hasn't happened yet, probably never will.

(203) 669-5224

Caroline Lopez

Head of Operations

Caroline has twin boys, is a frequent story-time attendee, and coffee-drinker.

(203) 669-5231

Cathy McLachlan

Administrative Assistant

Cathy makes it happen.

(203) 669-5220

Adult Collection Development

Jen Dayton

Collection Development Coordinator

Jen is our Collection Development Coordinator, new fiction buyer and lover of all things book. Ask her what book she is passionate about this week!

(203) 669-5226

Adult Programming

Mallory Arents

Head of Adult Programming

Mallory got in to the library biz not because she loves books, not because she loves information, but because she loves people. She's also really into KPOP, vegan eats, and cephalopods.

(203) 669-5254

Jane Frazier

Program Specialist

Jane Frazier is our Hostess with the Mostess, resident Francophile, and Michigan sports fanatic. When she’s not welcoming you to one of our library programs, you can find her swimming laps at the YMCA or baking her famous chocolate chip cookies.

(203) 669-5239

Marianne Paterniti

Book Group Coordinator

Marianne is a book group's best friend. Ask her what she recommends for a lively discussion!

(203) 669-5251

Pat Sheary

Programming Librarian

Pat is not only a insatiable reader and huge Anglophile, she is a gourmet cook and loves doing needlework. Ask Pat what’s cooking! She’ll be happy to tell you!

(203) 669-5246

Susie Skerrett

Film Librarian

Susie is a Master Gardener and an instructor on the art of selling on eBay. Susie is frequently found assisting with our Friday Night Films, is an avid movie watcher, and currently oversees purchases in our DVD collection. While she is quite eclectic in what she reads, she never passes up a good romance novel! She holds a Bachelors degree in Human Services with a minor in Women's Studies from the University of Connecticut. Susie is also a notary.

(203) 669-5227

Children and Teen Services

Jeanne Altman

Children's Library Assistant

Jeanne joined the Children’s Library after being an enthusiastic Readers’ Advisor for three years, and has completed a Masters in Library Science from Pratt Institute. She loves reading, especially audiobooks, cooking and crafting with kids.

(203) 669-5235

Lorena Balne

Children's Library Assistant

Miss Lorena currently teaches at Five Mile. Prior to that she launched two highly successful local businesses catering to preschool children. Miss Lorena was also a co-founder and owner of Green Moon Children’s Art Studio.

(203) 669-5235

Samantha Cardone

Children's Library Program Coordinator

Samantha is a strong believer that every art project needs more glitter. She loves working as a children’s librarian because it involves lots of improvisation, books, and imagination! She enjoys epic fantasy series, middle grade fiction, and Jane Austen. When not burrowing into a good book, Samantha likes visiting historical sites, writing, and trying new food in the city.

(203) 669-5245

Liz Connell

Children's Library Assistant

Elizabeth has a MA in Library and Information Sciences from the Pratt Institute. Her favorite children's book is Little House in the Big Woods. In her free time she enjoys needlepoint and the novels of PG Wodehouse.

(203) 669-5235

Eileen D'Andrea

Children's Library Assistant

Eileen loves to connect kids with that one perfect book... the book that will make them a reader. She is a school librarian when she's not in the Children's Library and when she reads books for grown-ups, she prefers historical fiction.

(203) 669-5235

Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla

Head of Children and Teen Services

Elisabeth is an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader who was convinced her invitation to Hogwarts got lost in the mail.

(203) 669-5263

Krishna Grady

Children's Librarian, Collection Development Coordinator

Working in the children’s library allows Krishna to combine her favorite things: acting, singing, dancing and reading. When not at the library she can be found watching movies, sci-fi television, mainly Dr. Who, singing show tunes and of course reading. Her favorite books are Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Jane Eyre and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

(203) 669-5242

Maria E. Magallanes

Children's Library Assistant

Maria is an art lover who loves to paint, whether it’s on a canvas or accidently on her clothes. When she’s not painting, she’s most likely spending time with her three pet dogs and fish. She incorporates art and music into her class Libros y Cuentos, along with some stuffed animals as she has three pet dogs and a fish. If you ever feel like practicing or learning some Spanish, feel free to come and say ‘Hola’ to her.

(203) 669-5235

Marian McLeod

Children's Library Assistant

Marian was destined to be a librarian. She was born and raised in Hawaii and is a big fan of funny kids books, running, cross-stitching, and traveling abroad.

(203) 669-5235

Tori Ogawa

Children's Librarian, Harold W. McGraw Jr. Fellow

Tori loves working with children and reading books, so becoming a children's librarian is her dream come true. She is from Hawaii and enjoys hiking and going to the beach. If she's not outside, you can find her baking, watching movies, or planning my next trip overseas.

(203) 669-5243

Mia Orobona

Teen Services Librarian

Mia is our resident teen wrangler. When she is not at the Library, she spends a lot of her time on Tumblr, going on Target runs, and of course, reading books. She’s open to reading anything, but is most fond of YA realistic fiction and graphic novels with strong female characters.

(203) 669-5225

Veronica Ponce

Children's Library Assistant

You may know Veronica from her Organized Playgroups in town. She has a M.S. in Early Childhood Education and believes every child is gifted and ready to learn!

(203) 669-5235

Samarpana Tamm

Children's Library Assistant

Samarpana is a former Montessori teacher and one of our Early Childhood Specialists. She conducts Giggles & Rhymes and can help anyone navigate our Picture Book collection!

(203) 669-5235

Anna Taylor

Children's Librarian, Early Literacy and Outreach Coordinator

Anna grew up in the theatre but was raised by books. She enjoys discovering new places in the city, all things cats, and hot sauce. Come and chat fantasy books and graphic novels with her!

(203) 669-5241

Knowledge and Learning Services

Maria Banke

Technology Assistant

Maria joined the Help Desk team after a successful career an IT professional in the financial industry. A long-time Darien resident, Maria spends her spare time volunteering for local organizations, sharing her wealth of IT knowledge!

(203) 669-5238

Kaitlin Ciarmiello

Technology Assistant

Kaitlin received a B.A. in Art History from Connecticut College, where she also played her cello in the orchestra and other ensembles. In her spare time, this Conn College Camel loves reading young adult literature and brushing up on her Italian!

(203) 669-5238

Zsasha Cubero

Technology Assistant

Zsasha is into learning as much as possible about everything possible (good luck). Usually a non-fiction reader, she recently learned reading fiction can possibly increase your lifespan so she is on a mission to read as much fiction as humanly possible. Zsasha thinks libraries are knowledge gems frequently underestimated. When she is not in the Library, she is a night owl who enjoys hip hop music and stargazing.

(203) 669-5238

Sally Ijams

Head of Knowledge and Learning Services

Sally is a huge fan of audiobooks. The queen of multitasking, she can usually be found knitting, gardening or cooking, all while listening to books. Her reading tastes are eclectic, but she is especially fond of all things Austen.

(203) 669-5229

Kim Kunces

Technology Assistant

Kim studied Communications. She loves to play tennis, run, and travel. She enjoys reading non-fiction books and Time Magazine. Ask her about wilderness travel and readings!

(203) 669-5238

Sheba Mathai

Technology Assistant

When Sheba is not studying biology and human anatomy, she enjoys investing her time in guiding young students toward academic and social success. Sheba loves serving people whenever she can, so please do not hesitate to ask her for any assistance!

(203) 669-5238

Edward Schildnecht

Technology Assistant

Edward is passionate about all things science and technology. He is currently attending Norwalk Community College, and when he is not studying you can find him playing the guitar, reading about the latest scientific studies, or at his desktop computer captivated by the latest video games.

(203) 669-5238

Materials Management

Tina Bothe

Materials Management

Tina is an excellent cook and baking is her specialty. Ask her about the cookbooks!

(203) 669-5244

Lois Calka

Head of Facilities and Materials Management

Lois keeps all the cogs turning.

(203) 669-5252

Cathy Condren

Materials Management Shelver

Cathy is a retired lawyer with two grown children and she lives in Darien with her husband, dog and cat. She enjoys reading literary fiction, memoirs, legal thrillers, detective mysteries and cookbooks. She also loves spending time with people she loves, bird-watching, animals, volunteering, and road trips.

(203) 669-5264

Rose Curtin

Materials Management Shelver

Rose is mom to two grown daughters, Melissa and Cindy. She is a marathon runner and plays tennis and paddle tennis. She is also a talented seamstress and creates specialty gifts to sell at holiday and craft fairs. Rose also loves to cook and read historical fiction.

(203) 669-5264

Marilyn Giannos

Materials Management Shelver

Marilyn loves reading the Sunday NY Times as well as historical fiction and memoirs. She also enjoys volunteer work, tennis, golf and bridge.

(203) 669-5264

Josephine Gleeson

Materials Management Shelver

Jo is a retired middle school teacher who is trading YA literature for historical fiction and novels. She enjoys biking, baking, long walks, and discovering new places.

(203) 669-5264

Larissa Golbat

Materials Management Shelver

Larissa enjoys hardcore concerts and running.

(203) 669-5264

Victor Pensiero

Building Engineer

Vic keeps our library building in shape. As the former Chief Plumber for the Darien school district and current Chief of the Darien Fire Department, Vic is always ready to serve.

(203) 669-5255

Beth Seeman

Materials Management Shelver

Beth lives in Darien with her husband and three daughters. She enjoys reading historical fiction, playing tennis, scrapbooking, and baking.

Valerie Streuli

Materials Management Shelver

Valerie is a retired middle school drama coach, music teacher, and choral director. She has two grown daughters as well as a grown husband. Valerie enjoys hiking and camping, singing in a gospel choir, and taming her garden.

(203) 669-5264

Pam Whitaker

Materials Management Shelver

Pam lives in Darien with her husband, two daughters and their English Springer Spaniel. She like to stay fit by spinning, doing yoga and walking her dog. She enjoys reading Historical Fiction and books about cooking and decorating.

(203) 669-5264

Karen Yostpile

Materials Management Shelver

Karen loves to read popular fiction, although her book group and co-workers are encouraging her to branch out into other genres. She also enjoys volunteering, playing golf, baking and spending time with her family.

(203) 669-5264

Readers' Advisory Services

Barbara "Babs" Blake

Reader Advisor

Barbara is one of our film buffs. Ask her what movies she's seen lately!

(203) 669-5239

Laura Cavers

Reader Advisor

Laura is an avid reader and member of two book groups. She recently finished her MFA in Writing and is focused on finishing her very own novel. She likes to relax by walking with friends, or sailing or kayaking on Long Island Sound.

(203) 669-5239

Kathleen Fieffe

Reader Advisor

Kathleen loves documentaries, letterpress stationery and letter writing; doughnuts and ALL food. She also listens to public radio programming and podcasts. Ask her what she's listening to now!

(203) 669-5239

Virginia Grubbs

Reader Advisor

Virginia's favorite genres include thrillers and suspense, mysteries, general fiction, chick-lit and young adult books featuring a dystopian society. Aside from books, she also loves movies and suspenseful TV series. She's a proud Texan enjoying life in Connecticut.

(203) 669-5232

Jill Maguire

Reader Advisor

Jill loves reading and watching movies, but not at the same time. Callie, her therapy dog (who works with Jill to promote recovery through animal assisted therapy services), agrees that the movie version is never quite as good as the book. Jill belongs to a variety of book groups. Her husband and 4 grown children add hustle to the bustle, and she loves every minute of it.

(203) 669-5239

Ann McCarty

Reader Advisor

Ann loves reading, especially popular fiction. Ask her what she is wild about this week!

(203) 669-5239

Nevine Michaels

Reader Advisor

Nevine loves international literature and foreign films. She also likes to experiment with different cuisines in her free time.

(203) 669-5221

Barbara Monin

Reader Advisor

Barbara is a Francophile and reader of all things. Ask her what she has loved lately!

(203) 669-5249

Abby Sesselberg

Reader Advisor

Abby reads a wide range of books with an emphasis on genre mysteries, series, and thrillers. She also enjoys biographies, memoirs, and books about chefs.

(203) 669-5228

Pat Tone

Head of the Welcome Desk

Pat is a dog lover and haunter of book shops everywhere. Ask her about the best in books on cd or playaways.

(203) 669-5248

User Experience

Karyn Alfini

Senior Technology Assistant

Karyn is a recent college graduate with a degree in education and history. She is a firm believer in starting off every morning with a cup of coffee. When not at the library, Karyn enjoys spending time with friends and family, seeing her favorite bands in concert and exploring new places.

(203) 669-5223

Amanda L. Goodman

Publicity Manager

Amanda is a librarian who loves mountains, genealogy, and fandom. She wants to travel the world — just after she finishes this story.

(203) 669-5258

James McNutt

Systems Administrator

James has a suspicion that he might like the words in books more than books themselves. So when he reads, he tends to prefer books written by linguists because they understand that words themselves can tell stories—stories full of… characters. James also likes puns. Word.

(203) 669-5256

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