Due to a rise in COVID cases, masks are required when visiting the Library building.

Darien Library Express Services

We are not offering access to the TEA Room, study rooms, or meeting rooms until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak.

What is the TEA Room?

The TEA in TEA Room stands for Technology, Engineering, & the Arts. It is a mini-makerspace, a learning lab, & an artist studio designed for children in grades 3 to 6.

What kinds of things can I do there?

We offer classes in the TEA room on everything from circuitry to printmaking. Click on the classes tab to learn more. You're also welcome to reserve the room to explore all of our supplies and technologies.

TEA Room

What's in the TEA Room?

  • Lulzbot 3D Printer
  • iMac Computer
  • LEGO Architecture Kits
  • Buttonmaker
  • Paper Craft Supplies
  • KAPLA Blocks
  • LittleBits Guitar
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Maker Supplies
  • Duct Tape
  • Snap Circuits
  • Turing Tumble Marble Powered Computer
  • Light box
  • Ellison Die Cut Machine
  • Osmo Coding Kit
How to use the TEA Room

Attend a TEA Room Class

Children in grades 3 to 6 can register for TEA Room Classes. Registration is on a first-come basis; space is limited. Click here for our current class listings.


Attend a TEA Room class or workshop


After attending a class, volunteer to serve as a TEA Mentor at an upcoming class & help other children learn a new skill. To volunteer, talk to a children's librarian.


Share your projects with the Children's Library: send a photo, a video, or a drawing of what you made or learned in a TEA Room class.

Reserve the TEA Room

The TEA Room can be reserved in advance by Darien Residents, those who work full-time in town, and friends of the library at the $300 level. Drop-in appointments are available for any library visitor pending availabilty and resources.

  • Use of the TEA Room is available for: 1 supervising adult and up to 4 children in grades 3-6. The supervising adult stays in the TEA Room for the duration of the reservation.

  • The TEA Room is available for appointments on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays at 3 p.m.*, 4 p.m.*, 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., and Saturdays at 1 p.m.* and 3 p.m* and Sundays at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

*The Lulzbot 3D Printer can be used during these appointment times

  • Appointments are reserved on a first-come, first served basis.

  • To find out more about reserving the TEA Room, please stop by the Children's Library or contact a children's librarian via email or 203-669-5235.

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